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Having peace of mind when you’re about to move out is important, wouldn’t you agree? Especially when you have a lot of items to carry and transport. What if you can’t relocate them all? Would you leave some of them behind? Or you will look for the services provided by London Movers? Our self storage service is the solution to those difficult situations. You will be free to send as much possessions you need for safekeeping as you wish. We will guard them for as long as it is necessary. Your only effort is to call us on 020 3868 2584 and order our service. The rest is in our hands.

What Perks You’re Going to Get from Our Self Storage in London

You will need the help we give more than you could possibly imagine. It will be a perfect relief when it comes to logistics and transportation – the most exhausting part of any relocating. That’s why you will need our assistance. And the characteristics of our service will amaze you. Here are our unique selling propositions for our secure storage:

  • We provide all types of packing: you can feel safe that all your items can fit into the appropriate boxes. We also have polymer boxes for storing heavy loads
  • Worry not about your stored possessions, as a full insurance covers all your stored items and you always have access to them
  • To make it even easier for you, whenever you need your stored boxes back, you can call for a delivery from our warehouse to an address of your choosing
  • Only skilled professionals will do the loading and unloading in the storage vaults, for a minimum risk of damage
  • You don’t have to worry about the minimum or maximum time for safekeeping your valuables, as we don’t have any restrictions
  • Eco-friendly doctrine: all of the boxes we use are recyclable
  • Give us a call to contact our customer support: it is active 24/7, so feel free to call us whenever you need our help
  • Discover the Flexibility of Our Service With Student Storage in London and More

    We offer you options that make the difference when you have a busy process of moving. For example, you can use the following:

  • Self storage of domestic appliances: it is ideal when you need to move after the end of your tenancy, when you need to store old chattels, or you have renovation works in your home and you don’t have room for your stuff. We will pack and label every last one of the possessions you need stored.
  • Business storage: your premises could use a little clearance. Not all will be clutter, though – much of your paperwork will probably end up as part of your archive and quite often you will need your old equipment for certain moments. That’s where our service will be most useful. You can use our warehouse to store paperwork, machinery, office appliances, equipment, and more.
  • Giving a hand to students: a student’s life is a constant moving in and moving out. The end of tenancy is a hassle, the vacations too. This dynamic agenda requires a greater freedom of movement and flexible logistics. In other words, as a student, you can take advantage of a space where a good part of your belongings can be stored.
  • Storing valuable items: our service is priceless to museums, other public institutions, and private collectors. We have the knowledge and experience required for proper handling of art collections, heirloom, and whatever valuable possessions you may need us to keep intact for whatever time period is necessary.
  • Contact Us Today and Place Your Order

    Give us a call at 020 3868 2584 and make an appointment for the packing and transportation of your valuables. Our customer care operators will be happy to answer you. Ask whatever service-related questions you may have. We will also give you price quotes for the self storage you need without obligation for booking. You will be guided in the process of booking. You can also book online as well – just fill in our request-a-service form and await our call.

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